Conlon Public Strategies

Conlon Public Strategies helps businesses and nonprofits achieve a diverse range of goals — making their organizations and communities stronger and better.

In 1998, Kevin Conlon founded Conlon Public Strategies with the vision of building a business that “did well and did good” at the same time. Kevin built a team with diverse experience – from government to finance to healthcare – to help clients succeed at the local, state, and national levels.

Over the years, we have incubated and provided consulting services to hundreds of nonprofits and businesses, have launched policy think tanks, and have created venture capital companies that invest in underserved communities. We have also volunteered countless hours, leading campaigns for local and national candidates who share our values and contributing our time to nonprofits, educational institutions, and civic organizations.

Throughout our history, our founding principles have remained the same, to always conduct ourselves with highest ethical standards, support policies and leaders that achieve the greatest good, and advance the missions of organizations that are strengthening our communities.

Please review the bios of our team members, and in particular, our newest consultants who bring outstanding national and international business acumen to the challenges of socially conscious enterprise. We look forward to showing you what we have each successfully done for our communities in our various professions, and what we have to offer to our clients today.

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