Engagements typically start with questions such as these posed by board and senior executive leaders.

Q:  How do we build an effective board?

Conlon Public Strategies: Drawing on a broad network, national in scale, we help our clients identify and build relationships with diverse, talented individuals who can bring new energy and expertise to board leadership. From identifying board candidates with complementary skills and perspectives to developing new organizational structures to attract high-level volunteer leaders, we help clients create strategies to attract top leadership talent.

Q:  Where should we be headed?

Conlon Public Strategies: We facilitate strategic planning to assure that client organizations have a high quality, useful roadmap for growth and long-term strength. Drawing on rich strategic planning experience and expertise, we do not promote a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we help pick the right planning process and approach, appropriately sized to current need, to develop a solid, well-informed strategic plan. In addition to long-term strategic planning, we assist clients to assure their annual plans respond to external demands and include well-paced efforts to meet specific goals with metrics.

Q:  Are we organized for success?

Conlon Public Strategies: We assist clients to assess and devise ways to improve the match between organizational structure and strategic goals. This often begins with a review of operating and administrative systems, assessed through the lens of optimizing opportunity and promoting innovation and growth. We also specialize in helping nonprofit boards evaluate and improve their governance structures and committee charters.

Q:  How can we be systematic about maintaining an external focus?

Conlon Public Strategies: We recommend ways to convene and engage stakeholders and other thought leaders to positively position client organizations. We promote visibility by creating innovative opportunities to showcase client strengths and expand their influence. We advise on market opportunity and make connections to potential customers and sources of investment.

Q:  How would we explore affiliation and merger opportunity?

Conlon Public Strategies: With a view toward increased efficiency, strength, and impact, we introduce nonprofits to potential partners and assist in assessing opportunities for collaboration and merger. We support the integration of organizations, helping them to navigate complex issues that often arise during mergers, including developing a new organizational structure, combining boards of directors, navigating the regulatory environment, maintaining relationships with funders and managing communications.

Q:  How do we interest private philanthropy in our non-profit work?

Conlon Public Strategies: We guide nonprofits in building fundraising capacity, positioning them for fundraising campaigns, and creating fundraising plans. This includes introducing nonprofits to philanthropic and public funding opportunities to launch or expand promising initiatives and helping them define and pursue a strategic approach to sustainability and growth. We also help with development of a successful grants strategy, building relationships with funders, and developing compelling proposals.

Q:  Can you help us promote our policy issues?

Conlon Public Strategies: By bringing a campaign-style approach to advocacy, we enable clients to mobilize support through multiple modalities. We help clients to build coalitions, engage national and local public policy groups, create winning messages, and accelerate communications with local, state and national media. With our strong relationships with local and national elected officials, we understand the intricacies of public policy advocacy, and can guide effective participation in the political process.